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Skutt Element for KM or KMT822-3”

by Skutt
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Skutt Kiln Wiring Diagrams

Replacing elements in a Skutt Electric Kiln - Instructions and Video

Replacing elements in Skutt Kilns – Instructions from

Original Factory Elements
All elements sold at are original factory elements made by Skutt Ceramics, Inc. These are NOT after market elements.

What comes with the element?
The element package contains; one element, straight pins, two replacement porcelain insulators and printed instructions. If you are purchasing elements for a non-PK kiln you will also receive two barrel type crimp on connectors. PK Kilns use screw type connectors that are reusable, so you will not need new element connectors unless your current connectors are corroded or broken.

APM Elements VS Standard Kanthal A1 Elements
APM ELEMENTS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. APM Elements are made of almost exactly the same material as standard elements, the difference is how they are made. With APM elements they grind up the extruded material and then re-melt it and extrude it again. What this does is give it more dimensional stability (it doesn’t sag or creep as easily) at high temperatures.

Elements are more likely to sag and creep when you are firing to, and holding at high temperatures. This can significantly reduce their effective life. So, if you are working with crystal glazes or are consistently firing to Cone 10 you will be very pleased with the added life of the elements. If you are mostly low or mid firing (Cone 04-6) you will not experience any benefit.

Skutt APM Elements VS Standard Kanthal A1 Elements

Do I need new elements?
If your firing times are taking longer than they used to or you are almost reaching temperature but getting an ""ERR1"" message on your automatic Skutt kiln it's probably time to change your elements.

A few signs your elements need to be replaced:
- The coils that make up your elements are slumped over and bunched up in the brick channels.
- The resistance of your elements is more than 1.5 ohms over the factor spec. Take a look at the KM Resistance and the KS Resistance sheets.
- You can see a visible break in an element.
- Your automatic kiln shows an ""ERR1"" after firing but comes very close to it's target temperature.

Diagnostic Help
If you're not sure whether or not your kiln needs new elements take a few minutes to watch some videos and red the documents we have available about diagnosing common kiln problems.

Voltage, Phase and Position
Skutt Part Number / Part Number

240V 1/3PH – Top/Bottom
3254 / 1000068

240V 1/3PH – Center
3255 / 1000069

208V 1/3PH – Top/Bottom
3256 / 1000070

208V 1/3PH – Center
3257 / 1000071

Elements Required and Position in Kiln
KM822-3" - All Voltages and Phases

Top/Bottom - Positions (top down) 1,5
Center - Positions (top down) 2,3,4