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PDF Library, Tutorials and General Kiln Repair Information

This is your first stop if you want to learn how to repair your electric kiln. This page has information from Skutt as well as resources we have created to help you fix your kiln. Whether you are an experienced repair person or have never worked on your own kiln before we hope you find something useful on this page.

Do you have an idea for something you think should be here?  Contact us and tell us about it. We want to answer the questions you need answered, but we need your feedback to do it! 

Don't forget to take a look at the Videos page. It contains videos from the kiln manufacturers as well as videos produced by 
Are you looking for general information about tools, electrical meters, and kiln theory? Start right here. created these basic tutorials to get you started fixing your kiln. For information from Skutt please scroll down.

What Tools do I need to repair a kiln?
If you are just getting started working on your own kiln there are a few simple tools you will need. This document outlines what you should spend your kiln repair tool budget on. 

How do I use an analog electrical meter?
How do I use a digital multimeter? 
Take a look at these introduction to electrical meter documents to learn how to use a simple multimeter to diagnose electrical kiln problems.

How do I test voltage on a Skutt single phase kiln?
Now that you know how to use your electrical meter take a look at this document to learn how to test the voltage on Skutt single phase kilns.

How do I change a Skutt Brick?
Change a broken brick in your kiln. It will help keep your elements from sagging out and breaking and will keep your kiln firing evenly.

How do I change a Skutt Type K Thermocouple?
This is the most common repair that we get calls about. The only tool you need to complete this repair is a phillips screwdriver. Don't call a tech to do this simple fix!

How do I change a Skutt element?
It can seem intimidating to change your own elements but with some patience and basic tools you can do it.

How does a three heat switch work and how do I wire it?
If you know how a four position (also known as a three heat) switch works you will know how to diagnose problems.

Skutt Nomenclature explained - KM Series Kilns (Automatic)
Skutt Nomenclature explained - KS Series Kilns (Manual)
These two documents will help you figure out what model kiln you have and how to determine which parts will fit.

Skutt Kilns Logo

Manuals for Skutt Kilns
Installation of Kilns
Installation of Kiln Accessories


General Theory
Diagnostic Tests
Error Codes

Repairs and Maintenance - Kilns

Brick Replacement
Tube Assemblies
Evaluating Water Damaged Kilns
KM Wiring Harness Replacement

Repairs and Maintenance - Kiln Accessories
EnviroVent and EnviroVent2

Kiln Upgrades and Conversions
Converting Phase of a Kiln
Type S Thermocouple Upgrade

Wiring Diagrams
KilnMaster - KM
KilnMaster - KMT
KilnSitter - New Style, A-Series and Old Style
GlassMaster Kilns
Scarab Kilns