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Lid brace packages include screws, anchor pads (lid and body) and the brace bar. 

Old Style Lid Brace
If you still have an old style lid brace (shown below) installed on any 10 or 12 sided kiln Skutt recommends replacing it with the newer, heavier duty lid brace package.Skutt Old Style Lid Brace

New Style Lid Brace
The image below shows a new style lid brace installed on an older kiln without a lid lifter installed. The new style lid brace package will fit new and old kilns.
Skutt Straight Grooved Brick (Short)

New Style Lid Brace with a Lid Lifter installed
The image below shows a new style lid brace installed on a 10 sided kiln with a lid lifter.


Skutt Part Number / Part Number

0337 / 1000276