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Harness wires connect the power cord block to the line side of the relays and also connect the load side of the relays to the back of the terminal strip. Harness wire kits also include all necessary red lead wires to replace your current wires.

Why do the replacement harness wire sets have yellow electrical connectors and the old ones have blue connectors on the relays?

All new harness wire sets use 12 Gauge wire rather than 14 Gauge wire. If your kiln has light blue connectors on the harness wires and they show any signs of wear (corroded connections, discolored wires or burned connections) you should replace your harness wires with a new set of 12 gauge wires. The larger wires will help extend relay life.

Will these harness wires fit my kiln if I have black relays or clear relays?

The location of the connectors on the black vs. clear relays does have an impact on which relays you use, depending on how deep your kiln's control box is, but the harness wires are the same for either style of relay.

On older Skutt kilns the control box was not as deep (5 louvers on top). New kilns have a deeper box and have 6 louvers on top.

For a complete explanation of relay styles please see the "PDF Files" tab above.