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Videos - KilnMaster KM Controller Features

KilnMaster Controller: MENU FEATURES
The Menu key on your controller gives access to a host of settings, diagnostic and configuration features. This video walks you through the layout of the menu. Further videos describe the individual features and how to use them.


KilnMaster Controller Feature: RESET
The Reset feature can be used to bring your controller back to factory settings. Resetting the controller will not erase any of your stored programs.


KilnMaster Controller Feature: CHECKING AMPERAGE
If your KilnMaster controller has a green LED display, (not red), it has a built in current sensor that can measure the amperage of each section of the kiln. This information is extremely helpful when diagnosing your kiln.


KilnMaster Controller Feature: CHECKING VOLTAGE
If your KilnMaster controller has a green LED display, (not red), the controller has a means of estimating your voltage with the kiln on and when the kiln is on. This is very helpful in determining if the voltage supplied matches that of your kiln. If the voltage drops significantly when the power is cycled on, it can also indicate potential problems with undersized wire supplying the kiln.


Skutt Kilns Programming: CONE CORRELATION
Cone Correlation is a feature that allow you to enter a cone value instead of a temperature when entering the peak temperature segment of a Ramp Hold program. This tells the controller to automatically adjust the peak temperature up or down depending on how fast the kiln is firing. If the temperature is not adjusted, it is possible to over or under fire a piece. Cone Fire mode automatically does this.