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Videos - Ceramic Kiln Repairs

Kiln Maintenance: Tightening Bands & Hardware
Kilns expand and contract as they heat and cool so it is a good idea to go around your kiln and make sure everything is tight.


Kiln Maintenance: Replacing The Thermocouple
If your kiln is starting to fire a little on the hot side it is probably time to change your thermocouple. This video will walk through the steps and point out areas where you can make mistakes.


Kiln Maintenance: Replacing The Elements
Elements are like brake pads on your car; occasionally they wear out and need to be replaced. This video goes through all the steps from ordering to test firing.


Kiln Maintenance: Replacing The Brick
Accidents happen. Occasionally we have a piece explode in the kiln or hit the sidewall with a shelf. The best time to change out damage brick is when you change out your elements. This video will walk you through each step.


Troubleshooting: The 4 Basic Indicators
This video describes the 4 basic indicators to use when troubleshooting your kiln.


Troubleshooting: Visual Inspection
This video describes how to do a visual inspection by heating up your kiln and seeing which elements are glowing.


Troubleshooting: Witness Cones
This video describes how to use Pyrometric Witness Cones to aid you in troubleshooting kiln problems.


Troubleshooting: Diagnostic Software
If your controller’s display is illuminated by green LED lights (not red), then you have built in diagnostics. This video shows you how you can access and use these features.


Troubleshooting: Error Codes
Error codes are the number one way we learn something is wrong with our kiln. This video takes a look at the most common error, Err 1.


Changing Relays
There is no sound to this video but it is still helpful to watch. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. We plan to make a better one soon.