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Repairs and Maintenance - Kilns - KM Wiring Harness Replacement

All the PDF files linked on this page are taken from or from training literature made available by Skutt Kilns. All files are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat reader. 

KM Wiring Harness Replacement
The KM Wiring Harness includes all of the control wires and wires to and from the relays. Basically all of the wiring behind the heat baffle except for the power cord. In April of 2009 we increased the gauge of these wires. This resulted in the relays running a little cooler and thus extending their life. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace these wires in older kilns when you are replacing relays. The wiring diagrams will vary based on the controller version and Kiln Model. All of these configurations can be found in the document to the left.