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How do I know if I should replace my power cord or plug?
Kilns draw a large amount of amperage which can increase the likelihood of the power cord wearing out. Signs of wear include:
- Warm/Hot plug while the kiln is firing
- Discolored or swollen plug head
- Corrosion (green powdery substance) on the blades of the plug

Does the power cord come with a plug and hardware?
Yes! All power cords come complete with a plug head installed and if needed the necessary hardware to install the power cord on your kiln.

What's a NEMA and why does it make my life easier?

NEMA is an acronym that stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. NEMA sets standards to be followed by companies that produce electrical equipment such as plugs and receptacles for electric kilns. The diagrams above show the 6 most standard configurations for Skutt Kilns.

Skutt Part Number / Part Number

Power Cord and Plug
1024C14076 / 1000251

Plug Only
0477C14219 / 1000267