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Feeder wires are used to connect the element pigtails to the terminal strip. A new feeder wire set includes crimp on barrel connectors, wires, blue female tabs and labels for each wire that correspond to the terminal strip. Wires are also pre-stripped so all you need to do is crimp on the barrell connectors and attached them to your elements.

If the white insulation on my feeder wires has turned brown do I need to replace them?

If the insulation is slightly discolored, but still flexible, it does not need to be replaced. If the wire is brittle or stiff it should be replaced.

Is it possible to remove a crimped on barrell connector?

Possible, yes, but very difficult. As elements are fired they become increasingly brittle and any force applied to them can cause a break. If you need to remove a barrell connector, cut it in half horrizontally so you are only working with half of it. After that you can carefully try to cut away enough metal from the connector to loosen it and carefully twist it off the element.

Replacing Elements in All Kilns