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Kanthal A-1 Wire can be used as a decorative accent on pottery, to support beads or small objects during firing, attaching ceramic fiber to mesh in kilns and for winding heating elements for kiln, furnaces and even electronic cigarettes and atomizers!

Coil Wire
Krueger Pottery Supply can wind 13-16 gauge Kanthal A1 wire into coils for a nominal fee. If you want us to wind your wire into a coil select an interior diameter. Please note the interior diameter will be slightly larger than the chosen value becuase after the wire is wound it will spring back slightly and expand. In order to find the final outside diameter multiply the wire diamter in inches (chart below) x 2.5 and add the interior diamater you choose to that value.

For example: 14Gauge wire is .064" in diameter so .064 x 2.5 = .16" If you choose and interior size of .2188" you will have an element with an OUTSIDE diameter of .3788"

Pigtails for Elements
If you choose to have us coil your wire we can also add pigtails to the ends (pigtails are the doubled over and twisted ends that pass through the kiln or furnace wall). If you want pigtails added make sure you add 3' of wire to your total order and select "Yes" from the dropdown above and we will add an 8-9" pigtail to your element. If you need a length other than 8" please contact us.


Wire Gauge (B&S) Ohms/Foot Ohms/Inch Diamter - Inches lbs/1000 Feet
13 .1673 .01394 .072 12.6
14 .2123 0.0177 .064 10
15 .2639 0.0292 .057 7.93
16 .3312 0.0276 .0508 6.28
20 .8661 .07215 .03196 2.49
22  1.3817 0.11514 .0253
24  2.1530 0.17942  .0201  .982
26  3.494 .32833 .0159


Download a copy of the Kanthal Appliane Heating Element handbook - VERY USEFUL!!! (PDF 1.6MB)